Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Made a Man Pop His Bungie This Morning.

I really have got to start posting more often.  When I finally get around to coming on to blog these days I have such a backlog that it takes forever to type and I am sure is annoyingly long for those of you who stop by to read.

1.  Title tale:  On my daily walk to Starbucks this morning I was well-timed and crossed the path of two men cycling on their way from the train to our local Intel offices.  I live right between the two spots so we are on the morning commute pathway.  I was walking along humming a little Christmas tune.  Wearing what I would consider to be a fetching new outfit-I found a lovely brown velvety skirt at Ann Taylor yesterday and put it on this morning with a brown long sleeve T, black tights and boots and a 'borrowed' cashmere sweater in a plum color.  One of the bicyclists caught my eye as he rode past and I turned to wait to cross the street when there was a popping noise.  and he skidded sideways and almost fell off his bike.  At first I thought his tire had popped.  as the bike went skidding off to one side and he jumped off his seat and tipped sideways to catch himself.  When I had a chance to walk out into the street to help him I figured out the bungie cord he had used to secure his laptop onto the bike had released and the laptop went flying and he lost his balance.  The guy was totally embarrassed when I talked to him.  The funny thing is that just a little piece of me thought..dang I was looking so fine today he popped his bungie :)

2.  I lost another pound!!!  Finally the tides are S...L....O...w...L...y...turning the other way on the scale.  I have cut way back on coffee quantity (duh I know). I am still pretty much eating one small snack and one small meal a day and started walking further when I can.  There is much more to be done.

3.  Yesterday was David's birthday.  I had a bunch of thinngs to get done during the day  (such as shopping to get Christmas presents in the mail) and then taught a class in the evening.  I wanted to take David out to dinner so I just did.  I booked us a table at 9:30 at night and we went.  David was even a little thrilled that we were doing something so spontaneous and decedent as going out on a work night no less.  We went to Le Pigeon (one of many swanky places in Portland) and had fancy food.  I was a little scared to be eating so late at night at one point I even said..I am going to have to stay up until 5:00 am waiting for this stuff to digest.  In the end it was fine though as I controlled myself and ate strategically.

4.  Eating strategically-what does that mean?

 I have learned a thing or two about it with my band. the most important rule I use is think food textures.  I drink before the meal only.  No liquid during the meal.  This is for two reasons.  If I have a great tight fill I might just layer water on top of food and that would not be pretty.  The other occurs if I don't have a great fill I can use liquid to sneak food through faster.

Soft stuff to bread.  I know that I can eat soft stuff more easily than I can things like bread. If I must have bread save it to the end of the meal.  I have, on many occasions,  failed to resist the before dinner bread.   When I put my meal on top of bread it never ends well.  Either I end up overeating or getting stuck or I don't get to eat any of the food I actually ordered because I am too full with bread.

When I order out I think carefully about what will be relatively safe to order.  If I am super tight I stick to soup.  If I am just normally tight I get something small (many times off the starter menu) and avoid things that have in the past got me into trouble.  Pasta has to be dealt with cautiously, as does beef and potato.  Almost everything else I can have a reasonable amount of on a normal day.  On loose days I go for steak.  I figure I should eat good old fashioned meat when I am loose and do.

5.  tech-Aggedon update:  David came home Friday night and spent 3 hours trying to save the computer.  It is dead.  he worked on the credit card reader and phone with the same success I had (we both tested and it worked upstairs but didn't down).  We finally cracked the case when he went to unplug a power strip from one wall.  We found to our surprise that right in the middle of the store is a Ground Fault int. outlet.  He turned on the power again at the wall and several things came back to life.  The computer, phone and credit card reader were not before the GFI outlet on the circuit but appear to have also beed impacted by the problem.  As as soon as we fixed this plug and outlet the others pieces of equipment at least came to life.  David finally called the credit card swiper and asked them to help us with that problem and found out that there was a login password that we had never been given.  but....everything I need is now working again :)!!


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bahahaha You made him pop his bungee!