Friday, May 22, 2009

Weird Gut!

So after an extremely tight few days and a re-loss of 5 pounds I am discombobulated by this band-o-mine. Today I managed to eat 1/2 cup of cottage cheese over a full 20 minutes, could only eat 1/4 cup of chicken enchilada soup and managed a few tasty samples, very carefully chewed and swallowed at Costco. For dinner I had two bites of tuna salad and then about 30 minutes later had the rest of the half-cup of the stuff. ahem...I did eat a few starburst candies (leftovers from the math class I taught earlier this week).

Then tonight after watching the cooking shows my husband is obsessed by (This time Alton Brown on popcorn) I had the biggest craving in my life for some popcorn. I have always kept it on hand and in fact back in my Weight Watchers days I lived on the stuff at 2 points for a big bag. So I went in to my crazy plan with some trepidation. My paperwork suggests that bandsters might have difficulty eating popcorn-along with asparagus and pineapple and I can't eat them any more. So I popped a minibag of kettle corn popcorn in my microwave and took my first kernel, gave it a long chew and it went down fine--one kernel at a time and one mini-bag later I downed the bag with no difficulty and If I were a betting wo'man' I would say that popcorn is a slider food!!! It was the biggest meal I have had in days and I have to made me feel a whole lot more satisfied.

Soooo popcorn is my new best friend :) A bit of carb. A bit of sweet or salt whichever I choose. and I can have a few moments of volume again. I vow I will only eat the 94% fat free variety so as to limit the damage-heck it is a lot better than candy and ice-cream. These two have become the vice foods I fall into when im feeling very, very naughty and rebellious.

The 5 pounds-Post surgery I dropped quite a bit of poundage but following my daughters graduation, a reduction is stomach swelling as I healed and my monthly curse I had gained 7 pounds from my all time low. This morning I have taken 5 of those pounds back off again and I am looking forward to the reamining 2 plus more and into the 240's soon I hope.

I have said quite a few times that I woud post pictures-I am not shy really nor do I love pics of myself though either. Frankly the hold up has been the fact that I have no flipping clue how to upload pics and on top of that I don't have any pictures of myself on my little computer (they are all on my old broken down one and on those of my children and husband). I will try..yeah i know here she goes again wth the empty do something about the lack of pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Lonicera said...

Ooh dear - I hadn't thought of popcorn... love the stuff! I too miss the carbs, and usually try to make it most of my daily diet - sandwiches, etc - but end up having to take simply hours to get it down. As this means I can't have a lot, I suppose it's helping me eat less calories overall.