Thursday, May 7, 2009

Healing, Stalled Weightloss but Cat Loss

So one week later my port site is feeling better and I have had great restriction. Just what I dreamed of-I can eat pretty much anything I try but it stays up above my stoma and keeps me full for hours. Yesterday I had 1/2 a piece of breakfast sausage patty and a couple of bites for toast. I tried to have a drink after one hour and still had food in my stomach. I waited for a couple of more big burps and went back to drinking. For lunch I had a protein bar (no time to get lunch). On my way home I had and frozen yogurt on the road while I drove home from work. For dinner I had some mac and cheese, chicken from my daughters home-made chicken soup (4 really solid pieces) and some cooked carrots (this was more than a cup so I figure I finally opened up).

It has been much the same during the week. a tiny breakfast and lunch and then soup for dinner. I expected to have at least lost back down to my all time low but I have been up and down between 3 pounds and 4 pounds above that number. I thought I would at least get a few more pounds off with this one.

I have a big dent where my surgery site is. I cant decide if it is swelling or if he attached my port to something that has given me a 2x2 inch dimple on the outside. Either way I am still swollen so Ill keep trying to be patient....

It is funny isn't it how everytime something doesn't go quite how you epect that the fear monster jumps on your back and you start worrying that this isn't going to work.

I don't think I have written about this before but we have two cats. They are pretty wild and they have never given much affection return on our food and my litterbox changing investment. We adopted the mother and her kitten from some grad students at the university where I work as they gave her food and water but no spaying and she was on her 4th litter in a year an a half. We adopted them when we moved to our current house. The mother cat is slightly friendlier than the kitten who is just plain wild. Shortly after we moved the mother picked up the kitten and moved her two houses down and under the house. We tried to get them back but the mother would have none of that. Hence the wild kitten. Well up until last week we had fallen into a pattern. The mother requests food and water for the kitten. She hunted for him and she came up to me of an evening for some affection every now and then.

This is about to come to a halt as the mother cat is going to have to be put to sleep any day now. She apparently has mouth cancer. At first I thought she had an infection but the Vets office (400 dollars later) says her blood tests are normal. She can hardly eat or drink. This morning I gave her some small pieces of cheese by hand and she had a hard time chewing them. I am not sure how the kitten is going to cope with this but we are soon to find out. As soon as I can coax the mother cat back into the cat carrier she is going back to the vet for the deed.

I didn't think my 7 year old daughter would mind much. At first she appeared fine but last night she began a campaign to bond with the poor dirty cat (can't clean herself). As the cat is now pretty weak she really doesn't run away or fight back like she used to and my daughter is getting more and more worked up about her being taken in to die.

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Bunny said...

glad your port was fixed hun. Geez there is always something eh? Sorry about your cat too. Sounds horrible. I expect the little kitten will come out when it gets hungry. Kids and animal death is a hard combination. Do you have somthing similar to RSPCA over there... animal protection or something. They often offer an email/phone councelling service for kids that areupset about their pet dying. DS was really helped through by a councillor called Caroline who he could email and talk about our dog clifford whenever he wanted. It was great. Search through some websites... it might be good for her to start something now before the deed... He was about 8 then.