Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh I'm Tight

It has been two days since my fill and holy moly I'm tight. This morning I have eaten a protein bar (it is not sitting very well). I am having allergy problems and want desperately to take my little sudafed pill but I cannot until the food clears. It is not clearing.

I actually pushed a pill out and threw it into my mouth, and chased it with water before it dawned on me that I had better not swallow that water and pill. I had to run to the sink and spit out the water and pill before too late. ahhhh I never thought I would come to appreciate a burp quite like I do just now. My protein bar just went through and I feel much better. I will give it another 20 minutes for so before I try taking my allergy pill again.

Yesterday I had to drive down to the university. I am still afraid (but hunger is beating out fear slowly but surely). I had a protein bar for breakfast (after I drank a bottle of water). I taught a fractions class and had a bunch of candy to use as manipulatives so I ate 4 of the leftover starbursts. For lunch I had 1/2 cup of hummus with a spoon (they served it with bread, veges and olives but I avoided). For dinner I attempted a small corn enchilada (did not work even though it was really soupy). Then in the evening I snacked on 4 pretzels, two small cookies and two left over taquitos from my daughters dinner. The pretzels and cookies went down fine (they were at my bunco game). The taquitos went down OK but I slimed a little before the went through.

I can tell that I will have to readjust my eating yet again before I get used to this fill. The constant readjustment is probably the best part of the thing. It has kept the dieting part of things fresh and new with every fill. and gradually pulled me into line. Just think of the old bandsters who never got any fills and what they had was what they got from day one. I think that a no fill band would have been much more difficult if not unsuccessfull for me.

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