Sunday, May 17, 2009

One More Daughter With a Bachelors Degree Two to Go...

I just got back from my second to the oldest daughters University graduation. She look great in her cap and gown with chords because she completed a thesis and in international political economy. Now she needs to find work!!

The ceremony was long but good. All of the kids behaved beautifully (include my youngest) even though they had to sit for almost 3 hours while a bunch of adults droned on about boring stuff.

We waited and cheered on cue, took pictures and then walked to my daughters shared house for sandwiches, salad, fruit and vegetables. We visited, and had a good time talking to my daughters housemates family.

It was a nice time...and it makes me feel old but happy my daughter is moving another step towards adulthood and independence.

My oldest has passed through this hurdle and is back home working on a masters degree in mathematics, My number 3 daughter is a freshmen in pre-nursing...then i have a long wait until my youngest is ready to go to college. While waiting for the ceremony to start my friend prompted me to think about how old I will be when my youngest daughter will graduate college....I will be 60!!! and hopefully looking forward to retirement!

Life sure has its joys and today is one of them but with a little bittersweet thrown in too.

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