Monday, May 11, 2009

The Scale Started Moving Again!

This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag. On Friday My second to the youngest daughter had my youngest down to her university for a sleepover. After we dropped her off we drove to an Italian rest. for dinner and I was soo excited to try Gnocchi from the menu. Many rest. do it badly but I was hoping this one would be good. They brought out the obligatory pre-dinner bread and stupid me...I tried to eat the crust off the loaf. Munching away i commented that it really wasn't the right kind of bread for Italian food (more like plain white home-made). NO sooner had I said that...I got stuck! I sat. I waited. My salad came but I couldn't eat it. I went to the bathroom and tried to expel the offending bread. Nope..I burped finally and tried a bit of grated carrot from my salad..and then had to go to the bathroom again. Apparently the burp had not cleared the bread. Then my dinner came and I tried a bit of chicken..back to the bathroom. arghghghgh i finally gave up and talked to my husband while running back and forth to the bathroom to try and clear my problem so I could eat soem of my dinner! nope. The waitress came back a few times and asked if my food was ok-so embarrassing. Finally on the drive home and a ziplock bag (so awesome those things for emergencies)The offending piece of bread popped out and I had missed dinner :(.

On Saturday I caught up on all of my work, got my entire family to help clean the main living parts of the house and my husband went out and bought my mothers day present (a floor steamer). He brought it home, assembled it and amazingly mopped the floor!!!!!!!!! Yay hooray :). My number 3 daughter cooked taco salad for dinner and all was good with the world.

On Mother's day sunday My youngest daughter brought me a dry toaster waffle in bed (went down fine). I layed in and read a book until noon and then when we got up did some recleaning of the now remessed house. In the afternoon we went out and rented a post hole digger to get the ground ready to finish our fence and when done went out to dinner and California Pizza Company (they make a really nice Margarita Pizza with a super thin crust-and a stop for ice cream on the way home.

Then this morning during my daily morning weigh in I found that the surgery weight has finally come off and I have lost an additional pound! Yayyyyyy the hump is over and I am losing again. I am hoping to get a tiny fill next week during my post op appointment and I should be on my way to the 240's.

On the cat front she is still here and alive. The dumb cat (or cunning depending on how you look at it) stays away from the house now all day and only comes in after 5 when the vet clinic is closed. I don't know if she is going to last much longer on her own-so either she will appear during working hours this week or expire of natural causes on her own outside somewhere.

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Reddirt Woman said...

All right, Tina... you go girl! get that scale to dropping, a little bit at a time.

Isn't it amazing how critters, especially cats from what some cat friends tell me, seem to be able to read minds. They don't understand that all you are trying to do is ease them on out of their pain... and the 7 year old daughter is going to get a hard lesson about life and death. It's a tough one.

Have a good week, Tina, and stay away from bread!