Monday, May 18, 2009

Filler Up

Wowza-After a joyous weekend of looseness at my daughters graduation party I have now gone and gotten my first post-surgery fill.

This morning I went into the surgeons office and had the easiest fill ever!! Hit poked twice and was in, pulled out some fluid and added .4 cc's to give me around 7 cc's. I drank my requisite two Dixie cups full of water and it went down smoothly without a hitch. I had a bottle of water with me and by the time I got down to the parking lot and had a swig the water has slowed down a little. I now complete my drink with a burp (the water goes through a bit slower than I am used to now).

I am a tad scared that this is going to be one wallup of a fill but I am steeling myself for the fight. I loaded up on my foody ammunition. On the way home I got a nice big bottle of water that I will refill religiously for the next two weeks. I bought cans of soup for my few days (i hope) of liquids. Got ingredients for my son in law to make chili (he is a masterful chili maker) for when I feel ready for some mushies. I had a latte (to get some milky protein in for mid morning) and put in a protein added lemonade sachet in my water bottle (special K brand). For dinner I am going to have lentil soup if everything is ok. I have not had anything to eat today and I am just now starting to feel a tummy rumble at 1:30 pm.

Just after my masterfully implemented fill the surgeon and I got to talking about when I will need another and I told him that I seemed to need one every ten pounds of so. He compared the need for fills like your pants getting too big (now we can all relate to that one in an ever increasing manner i think). He said the band gets loose around our stomach just like our pants get to big around the waist as we lose weight. Soo if I were a drawing girl I would draw a stomach with a nice stylish pair of jeans sagging around my stomach :)...I am going to hang with this fill for a few weeks and see how it goes. Ill keep you posted with all of the gory or not so gory details :)

I feel all charged up with hope and fortitude again. I wish there was a way to get a mental fill when we don't need a real one!! If one of you readers comes up with an idea about how we can do that for each other I am in!!

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