Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Losing, I'm Losing, I'm Losing hoorayyyyyy

Ok so i had more food yesterday than I have had in ages-Frankly to embarrassing to post so I wont. lets just say there was chocolate involved and leave it at that (no wine or any alcoholic beverage as yet though!!). Anyway I was a tad bummed out with myself because the healing is obviously working too well and lo and behold I got on the scale this morning and dropped another 2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! So as I did a little happy dance around the kitchen I dug deep for a new found vow to be a good girl (for goodness sake i am less than two weeks out and I am already feeling the need to renew my efforts...How sad is that!!!)

so as of this morning-

1/2 rice cereal with apple juice
1 2" square of cornbread mushed up in 1 c of milk. (ohhh this cornbread is the leftovers of last night's sins-but note it is a leftover!!!)

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