Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 5 kerfuffle

I woke up this morning worrying about work and how I am continually behind and am finding great difficulty in producing even half as much as I should be. I spent and hour trying to figure out how to write a report that has been due for a week (still dont have an answer for that one!) and got up. I used to be able to craft full papers in my head (much less two paragraph reports). Im not sure if its my heart that isn't in it, if I am just too tired or whether lack of solids is getting to me!.

i got up and attempted to make some cream of wheat-it overflowed all over the microwave. I tried again and put some mollassas (not sure how to spell and dont really care) and ruined it (i love gingersnap cookies but this wasn't even close!). My oldest daughter got up with the baby and tripped over a laundry basket almost falling with the baby that didn't sleep last night so she is exhausted. I took the baby and sent her back to bed. Then my dd turned the TV on (always a noisy distraction) and started kicking the babies jumperoo gym so that it rattled. I was trying to put him back to sleep but every time the TV made a screeching noise or the jumperoo rattled he jumped....auuuurghghghghghgh. I sent her to bed turned everything off and am now ready to go back to bed!

After a 15 minute break period my dd daughter is back out quietly working on a craft project with the TV off! The baby went back to sleep and maybe just maybe I can have a peaceful morning.

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