Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 3 post op

Today is much better.

I got my TOM yesterday! I have been monitoring closely to make sure I don't need to go back on the birth control stuff but so far so good. Other than it being difficult to deal with at the same time my stomach still hurts it is behaving as a good period should.

I got to have full liquids today and Life is OK again. I had cream of wheat for breakfast with a little soy milk and cinnamon. My daughter made me drink down some nasty protein milk for a midmorning snack (what is with that protein crap! can they not manage to make it taste any good at all?) and then for lunch I had some watered down split pea soup. My husband was nice enough to make me a batch from scratch so it tasted as good as it could and then spent the morning blending it up to a fine pulp. It was really thick so I had to water it down quite a bit but it was tasty. I just had a yogurt that i guess was against the rules because it had sugar in it (my family the food police had a cow! but they bought the thing for me!). I am planning on potato soup for dinner and maybe a bit o milkshake for dessert.

In between i have been trying to get in liquids-usually water with crystal light lemonaide. I have to drink two bottles a day and Ive just gone through my first---

so i have a feeling protein and liquid are the themes for the week and I do not see my being a huge success at either!

Ill keep you all posted however.

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