Friday, August 29, 2008

urchhhhhhh my pound a day has come to an end

So although I am all good with the food level I have been eating for the last few days, sadly my weight loss has slowed. I am totally cool with that!!! I stayed at 12 pounds down today. but oh the joys of eggs and cottage cheese, and string cheese, and yogurt and rice pudding oh and other stuff that is good.

It is 11:22 pm and im popping back on for the food list-not so good

2 egg scramble with one string cheese and small slice of cheddar
1/2 cottage cheese
string cheese
tunafish with dill pickles and mayo
1 string cheese, 1 yogurt
small piece of fish, 1/2 mashed potatoes with lots of milk to sauce it up.
1/2 rice pudding
3 sting cheeses (one at a time over time)
1/2 cup of mashed potato

Man o man this is a ton more food than i have eaten up to this point The potatoes tonight were not milked up and kind of got stuck-I chased with a small bit of crystal light (i know not the thing to do and bad bad bad) but it worked this time. I do know my stoma is still wide open so i think this was more sticking on the sides on the way down than stopping. This is twice as much food as i had a couple of days ago-I am going to have to keep exercising or work on getting a grip on the quantity. I have to say i was hoping that the good times would last and that i was one of those rare few who never needed a fill---well somehow I dont think so.

My scars and holes are feeling pretty good now-I went for a 2.2 mile walk around our neighborhood and then went shopping tonight for back to school stuff. With no pain-

On the way around the neighborhood we stopped at two garage sales. I bought a built in ironing board (15$ what a bargain! They are over close to $200 brand new) but am going to save it for my next house.

I got a considerable amount of work done today (partially because my internet was down for 24 hours). I moved myself away from the TV and into the living room where I finally finished the paper i was having trouble with, edited another paper that i had been putting off and finally finished reading a book i am supposed to review.

Now i have two more reports to write and oh i don't know 5 flipping articles!!! I am banking a lot on staying in the town where my dd is going to school and working in the library everyday. Fingers crossed it is effective and I don't come up with ways to distract myself.

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