Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 6 of the endless liquids

so last night i stayed up late-had a long nap in the afternoon-I had a little tiny meltdown on the whole liquid thing (as I expected to do) I was about to crack into some cottage cheese when i spotted a bar of cadbury's from the UK. well i did keep some control on the break down (there is candy left). It went down ok but I was a little nausious when i finished. I drank a little of my crystal light and rested while watching the Duchess of Duke Street on direct view Netflix (my new favorite evening entertainment) I went to bed after a while and all seems to be ok now.

This morning:

I slept until 9am. Burst forth from bed and cleaned house (with extensive help from my oldest dear daughter) I picked up what i could from the higher places, swept the entry and hall floors and did a bit of mopping. My daughters got the stuff off the floor and vacuumed.

I had a conference call at 10am for work and corrected a few papers and had lunch. It is now 1:42pm and Im sleepy. I have a pedicure at 2 yay hooray my nails are getting long but i cannot reach them with my post surgery painful tummy. I am really looking forward to it.


My pedicure was great-French tip is my favorite because you get to wear it for a really long time before it wears or grows out.

Afterward I went to booster juice and got a smoothie. They have one that has 45 grams of protein. I have been having a really hard time reaching the protein levels i am supposed to on liquids and i like this peanut butter, chocolate and banana one i have been drinking. So anyway with the 45 protein grams i can get an additional 12 grams if i add a whey booster. that is 57 grams. I figure if I have one a day until i get real food again I will be better than i have been up to this point. The amount of smoothie i need to ingest is way too much in one sitting (I have been having a 1/2 size one) but I figure i can bring a big one home everyday and eat it over three meals from the freezer.

Im having spaghetti in a blender tonight-I will let you know how it goes!

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