Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy busy busy

So I'm back to my old life now (this is not a good thing!)...I spent all day painting our old office (now dd, boyfriend and grandson's room) the dashed out to dinner to celebrate another daughters birthday to Claim Jumpers. For those of you not familiar let me just put this in a nutshell..Imagine a restaurant where there is way too much to choose from and on each plate is way too much. I chose a cup of soup and sampled sweet potato (really yam!) off peoples plates. The soup was nothing to write home about but the yam was yuminy. They baked it and then served it with butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar. I am going to have to concoct a version of this to eat at home. They had small sample sized (normal portions if you ask me!) of deserts. I had a flan (not too good so I left half) and a taste of my husband English toffee pudding...delish. It was really weird to sit there are watch everyone devour these enormous plates of food. Two people ordered the 'normal' sized desert portions. The eclair was the size of a full loaf pan and covered in whipped cream, floating on icecream and filled with vanilla pudding ( i didnt even go for a taste of that one!). The other was a piece of chocolate cake the size of a small computer keyboard. It was obscene. I am even feeling a bit proud of myself now-they did not do a thing for me. yay-i know a few short weeks ago i would have had a full plate of food and some of each desert besides.

This morning I had to travel the 3 hour commute to my job (have done this once a month for the past 5 years!). I go weekly 1.5 hours to my employing university and then once a month over to another rural city to provide teacher training. This trip was to observe some of the participants as they started some peer learning projects. I do love my job but the food is such a dilemma. I took two yogurts and two string cheese with me. Had about a cup of cottage cheese for breakfast. My oldest daughter also suggested that I throw in a couple of cans of soup (in case i had to stay over). So i packed up a cooler and drove on my way. Well who wants yogurt for lunch! so I ate a string cheese then went to a local deli and ordered beef and barley soup (it had corn in it but i was really careful to chew each kernel to oblivion. I also ordered a small potato salad. I didn't taste very good so i threw out half. Then on my way home it hit 5pm (I am really wanting dinner at 5 now!) I stopped at the big evil McDonalds and ordered 6 chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. I chewed and even parked so I would make sure and eat them properly dipped in the sauce. I also had an icecream (no fries i said so why not ice cream) well i know...not a good idea. then i got home and my lovely husband decided that he needed to recreate the toffee pudding. I had some. this is sooo not easy anymore!!! I was nice and full from each of my meals. Sure im losing now but i know this behavior is not going to help me any. I need to get a grip on choice as well as portion!!!

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