Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Guacamole I Got a Fill Today!

So today I went in to see my surgeon. I figured I would get the scar check and discussion about healing. Well those questions were quickly asked but he got right down to business and grabbed a fill kit. According to him I had 3 ml in the band from some sort of atmospheric balanced bleed that occurred from the line (thats about all i understood from from the discussion). So he laid me back on the table and gave me a numbing shot or three and then asked me to tense up my stomach muscles and started poking. he got the needle through without too much effort and put in 2 ml, pulled the needle out and asked me to sit up and swallow two small cups of water quickly. eeeeekkk I felt the first one gurgle through very slowly, then the second one didn't go at all. He immediately had me lay down again and began poking again-this time not so successfully. A couple of times he poked and hit the side of the port causing it to move and make the creepiest noise and feeling in my stomach. this time he took out all but .5 ml of the new fill.

so as of today I have 3.5 ml of fluid in my band (he didnt really tell me what sized band I had). but I am to do liquids today, mushies tomorrow and work my way back up to regular food.

So today-I have had 2 bottles of water with lemonaide crystal light, 1 c of smoothie from a local hamburger stand, and 1 cup of cream of tomato soup. I saved half of the soup for later but I am already getting hungry!! in my lower stomach not my upper one :) haha


TheManInTheChair said...

What she doesn't say is that she topped up by eating from everyone else's happy panda meal, including my veggie roll thing. I suppose it beats the protein shake thingy she had.

Tina said...

Well I might have to ban my tattle tale husband from this forum!!! God I hate the food police!!