Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Crazy day in crazyland

Today was crazzzzyy. I attempted to get some work done this morning but spend the entire 3 hours F3!#$@#$$ around with the videos i needed to watch. I never did manage. According to my DH they were not finalized before they were taken out of the rocorders. All i know is I was supposed to watch them and I am pretty cheesed off that I could not get it done this morning.

I was then supposed to work on an annual report for the feds but by this time it was time to go to the school where my youngest daughter is starting next week. I like the whole set up at this new school but am irritated that this so-called problem-based school cannot figure out how to integrate mathematics into their problems. They have a really good math curriculum so I am cautiously monitoring the situation and hope all goes well. On a good note she will actually be taught science (amazing considering what she would have gotten in a regular public school!)

So the food---1c cottage cheese, 8 chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, 2 string cheeses, 4 squares of Cadbury's Fruit and nut, 7 swedish meatballs, 1/4 cup mashed potatoes, 2 Tbl. lingonberry jam, 1/4 cup gravy, 3 animal crackers. I know this is all way less than I used to eat but I have stopped losing weight and im starting to worry a little. I have to say I was full at dinner (but i always seem to get full at dinner) Im not sure if it is some lapband timing thing for me or if there is something magic about the kind of food i eat at dinner. I have no idea what the calories for today would be but I somehow still feel bad about eating the wrong things and too much of them. I am not sure if I should seek a fill (if they will even go there on the 8th) or if I should wait until i am on proper food (like vegetables and everything)

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