Friday, September 5, 2008

Today was a good day!

This morning i woke up with renewed effort. While sleeping i worked through why all day I was hungry but got full at dinner-I tested and now think the key is dinner! I have been trying to stick to the mushies during the day and then because i have been out and about so much my dinner has resembled more 'normal' eating. I have meat (but am careful what kind), veg, and some kind of starch. Well so I decided today that i was going to do the same for breakfast and lunch and see if it worked....IT DID!!

I had some leftover chicken marinated in lemon, cooked carrots, and risoto. All of this was left over from the dinner that my daughter cooked last night. I put it all in a non-stick pan and heated it up. With my first bite I had a moment of panic!! I almost got stuck but sat back, relaxed and had some of my water. I drank about 1/2 a bottle and let my food sit until I had hydrated a bit first (i didnt drink anything first this morning). When i went back to my breakfast I was very careful to eat slowly and chew chew chew. I was full until noon! no snacking urges nothing!! At noon i was pretty hungry. I was sick to death of my cheesy eggs so I went out on a dangerous limb and tried my first bit of bread since surgery. I made a toasted cheese sandwich. Just that (eaten very slowly and carefully again) lasted me until 7:30 pm!!!!! I am so excited I hope this wasnt a fluke!! I had the rest of my dd leftovers for dinner and around 8pm had a smoothy from Jamba Juice (I wasn't really hungry but just wanted it). I got a good girl juice with a booster of protein.

So I would say I have restriction on an empty lapband. Time will tell if this is really the case or lasts. I love the fact that I can get full on such a small amount of food (1/2-1c) and be good for long periods of time.

Oh by the way-i lost the two pound gain this morning plus 1 more. I am now down 17 pounds from my highest weight and down 14 since surgery on August 20.

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