Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten Things on Thursday-At Least This Week.

1.  The term started..although I am exhausted from working day and night 7 days a week (ok it has only been 3 but I can already tell I am going to stay tired)-Oh almost forgot the point here.  I LOVE TEACHING MATH.  I came home all high on work.  I forgot how much fun it was.  So although I don't love the commute (across town).  The campus parking is a mess..but I love my students.  I love the subject.  and I love helping them see that math can be fun, playful and easy (with conditions of course) :)

2.  My weight..phhhhht..Its an ASS.  The scale moves between 176-180 back and forth.  I was hungry as heck today.  Who knows about tomorrow.  I am still living with my half wardrobe (I refuse to get rid of the 8's and 10's that used to fit.  I have started falling back to my old fat wardrobe choices-tshirt with a cardi over it (slimming don't you know).

3.  The Yarn store...going great. On Tuesday I had 8 customers int he store at ONE TIME!!  my little old store could barely hold them all.  It was cool though.

4. I hired an employee.  She runs the store for me on Wednesdays (Up until today I have been closed on Wed.).  I hope she gets enough customers to earn her paycheck.

5.  Websites are an arse.  I spent tonight 'fixing' the webpage using Dream Weaver but it is hard to use and a style sheet went rogue on one of my pages slipping the footer up into the body of the page..making a big old texty mess.

6.  Grace started School (our local home-school support place)...I really aught to just call it private school. It is kind of that after all.  Anyway...She is liking it this term and we are getting into a groove.  She is excited about learning again which is a huge relief for me.

7.  My house is still a big fat MESS-boxes, charity piles, papers undone laundry.  a had a whole mess of spinning plates fall down when I put the store through storage platter up into the mix.

8.  I am a sugar addict and need to get a grip--when I get tired I go rogue and up the already too high amount of sugary products I ingest.  I wish eating right was easier.

9.  Exercise ...WTF?  I really need to find some and do it.

10.  good night all.  How are you this fine Thursday?  We are suppose to be getting snow..but it don't see any yet.

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