Thursday, January 3, 2013

It is all about attitude :)

still holding on the coffee ban..sort of.  Just one freebie to use up.  I will not give in well except for that one.  I took most of my vitamins but I have discovered I hate CLEANING.

I like clean places.  I like no clutter.  I hate the cleaning up of the clutter.  It is beyond me how one household of three can accumulate so much crap.  For goodness sake I know I have sorted through this stuff twice in the last year.  I was obviously not brutal enough on the first two passes.  I want to be stealth, to turn on a dime.

The STUFF MUST GO...Meanwhile.

I bought a new big old shelf from Ikea to hold more shop stuff.   It is being assembled as I type.  David is useless with a cold now so I have hired my daughters boyfriend to do it.

I hope no customers come in while he is hammering and assembling..just no time to do it after hours.

Happy New day day tired-er.



Sarah said...

I hate decluttering. I find it soul destroying but it is fabulous when it is done. Good luck. xx

Sam said...

I really hate to declutter too, I end up m,ing a bigger mess and then it usually just gets pushed away to fix up another day :p

Tina said...

No..don't een say the bigger mess owrd Sam..I totally suffer that problem. not much headway today..back garage is still a mess and second storage unit still exists..darn it all.