Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Always Look on the Bright Side :) or is that Back-Side

Just and update:

I am up and stable about 15 pounds from goal (I sway between 176-180.  I am usually cool with it..until I stand in my closet.  My lovely closet full of clothes for a girl who weighs 160-165.  Until now I mostly resisted the urge to trade up :) Although I have one size 10 pair of jeans from a trip to an eating free for all in Vegas and a size 12 pair of levis from this fall.

Today I cracked again but..for the sake of crack. :)  I traded up because...I am suffering from 'baby got back'  Whenever I bend over the skin and some new fat come spilling out of the top of my jeans.  If I had gone under the knife for a body lift this would of course not exist.  If I still weighed 160-165 my less fluffy back would just slip right down into that waistband.  Not today though..today was the last blooming day I could stand my back jumping out of my jeans..and here is why...

it if F-ing cold outside.  Whenever I bend over that damnable back fat came launching out and froze me to death!  My stubborn self froze to death by back fat I'm telling you :)

After Grace finished up her morning math/science class at her school we popped into Fred Mayer (my go to store for jeans..and groceries and coffee and well everything!!)..kind of like Tescos for you Brits.

So anyhow..just to add fluff to my back fat I invested in a coffee and then we were off.  We looked at the Valentines day goods..We wandered around the office supplies because I do love them so.  I picked up some pre-perferated printy cards that make index sized cards.  I also got a three ring punch (my other one has been lost for more than 3 years and it still has not surfaced).  I found a long length thermal shirt (might hold some back fat in)...then some underwear (because instead of granny pants I now wear hipsters).  oh..and then I ran across the women's department and there was a 50% off reduced price sale on rack after rack of pants/jeans.  I pulled 6 pairs to try on.  Grace pulled 2 from the non-sale size (darned kid!).

I found a pair of mom pants that go all the way up to my WAIST!!!  no back fat!!!!  They are size 12.  two sizes bigger than my smallest.  Gloria Vanderbilt is a brand that never fit before but these do..they are like trouser pants in cut.  I also found a similar pair of green cords too.

so at the end of this ramble (I do like a good ramble).  I have come up with this...

I am getting older and my junk is shifting.  I can live with the move to a size 12 for now.  I cannot after all continue to flash my back to the world.  I will keep my two new bigger girl pants but get rid of the other two big girl pants on my shelf cause they are way to short waisted.  THEN..I will get the newly uncovered bike thingy and hook my lovely neglected bike onto it in the shop workspace.  I will ride that thing as I have been saying I will do for almost a year now..and hopefully get some fitness back..damnit it.  Maybe I can even shed some weight and some of that damned back I have going on.

 Both examples of my best back...I am on the far right in both.  My back is doing fine here as both photos were taken when I weighed between 160-165.
I had a good look for some bad back pictures..apparently I have been in control of the camera a lot lately.  :)  only a few faces and from the front shots were available.



Tamzin said...

Iceland.... such an amazing place!

Back Fat be damned!! 12 is a respectable size and if it keeps you warm alls the better.

I'm between sizes now and feeling uncomfortable in my smaller clothes. Everything else is too sloppy now.

Justine said...

I have terrible trouble buying trousers/jeans that fit properly - I think we should blame the designers rather than our wobbly bits that should really be accommodated by the clothing!