Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Talk about a roller coaster-

This weekend I was all sweetness and light.  Today not so much..I have a feeling it is hormones.  They bite..big time.

What should have been relaxing 'day' off was a touch stressy.  What does this girl do when she stresses?  Why manage to fool her old band into eating more than it should.  Coffee-check, ice cream? check...tsk tsk.  In the end I didn't really get a 'day' off as morning was the school run where I edited a paper.  In the afternoon my planned Downton Abby TV time with Grace became phone conference with a student, older daughter needing a checkbook that hubby had at work with him, cleaning out paperwork.  At one point my hormonal pity party reached a peak and I cried a little.  I packed up some checks, walked to the bank and had coffee number two with a little sitting down time.  It helped a little.

This emotional crap is for the birds however.  I am too busy this term to be dealing with stupid menopause uppydowniness.  (If I had a camera handy Which I don't I would take a photo of me shaking my fist at the gods....or one..or none..you know...that whole damn you higher power routine.

Teaching my night class was a mood lifter-thankfully.  the weather is a bit cold right now so I was a bit worried about my commute (it is across town about 45 minutes from my home).  I take a back way down a really slippery windy road on Mondays and it was 31 the whole way.  I took it slow but needless to say I was a bit jumpy about what the weather was going to do as it got dark.  I decided to get through the material we needed to talk about and then send my students home early.  NO sooner had I released my students that the school alarm system went off informing campus that it was shutting down for weather (I guess I am good at calling crappy weather conditions?)  Anyway..I got outside and into my car and it had warmed up???? weird eh?  I drove home in balmy 34 degree weather.

David thinks the security guys were just wanting an evening off duty :)



Sam said...

PMS really does a number on me too, hormones really do take over my brain at times!

Be safe on the roads :o)

Ronnie said...

Sorry your Downton Abbey time was interrupted. That ruins my whole weekend!