Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weighty issues

I am having a bit of a weight crisis here. The scale read 176 again this morning. This and a notice from my weight tracker that I have not updated in too long lead me on a fact finding mission. You all know I am a nerd..a numbers nerd. is something we can all gain from a look at the big picture numbers. I have logged my weight from the beginning of this weightloss thing. I set up conditions that I have kept constant throughout. 1. I weigh everyday. 2. I do not pay attention to small ups and down on the scale but log when I lose whole pounds (or more than one). Only one other time did I feel the need to mark a weight gain. That gain funnily enough was last April!!! I seem to have an April problem.

The numbers say:

1. 8/22/07 I weighed in at 304 pounds (that was actually my all tie high and I recorded that as a marker.
2. My surgery day weight on 8/22/2008 was 298 pounds.
3. I really started logging faithfully when I really felt restriction. that was 3/2009. Yup more than 6 months after surgery. I weighed in at 259 on this date.
4. I only have one entry in April of that year (that means I lost 5 pounds but it came off in a big lump with nothing between 3/27 and 4/20. Yup that was a lovely April (note the sarcasm).
5. 2010 was a very good year (note the lack of sarcasm). I lost steadily even in April..each month has at least 4 lost entries with losses of 2 or 3 pounds at a time.
6. I hit goal 164 on 11/28/2010. Two years and 3 months after lapband surgery.
7. Things went along pretty steadily at this goal weight until February when I lost a couple more pounds and hit my all time low weight of 162. Ahh this low weight was too good to last and I promptly blossomed back to 171 in you guessed it..April 2011.
8. In June I reclaimed my goal victory of 164 and proceeded to drop back to 162 and then even (for about a day) hit 161 for a really all time low :)
9. The new year has ben a bit volotile..the scale has swung around from 164 to 170 but these last few weeks have seen a swing that strikes fear in my bones...176..I do not like that number and despite an imagined reclaiming of the downward trend the scale seems to be holding stubbornly to this higher range. I am doing my math :) calculating my need for a fill (I almost called my surgeon and made an appointment more than once today) and evaluating (and reevaluating) my habits in order to figure out what in the game has changed. I do know I am eating a whole lot more than I was before. The questions are...can I muster the internal strength to eat what I should and not what I shouldn't. Will a fill help or hurt? Am I OK with this newer bigger self (ummm NO). Is exercise a contributing factor?

I do know: rain in April keeps me on my butt as does my knew unemployed status. I need to rectify that at least.

*** I need some love that is for sure. Come one people..provide comments. Sometimes a girl needs to know she isn't blogging into the dark.



Alison said...

I don't really have advice as I'm in the middle of my own April battle (Easter is a killer!!)

But, you can do it, you've done it before and you can stop this now and start going in the right direction.
Not sure what your situation with regard to work is (have been hiding from my Blog busy eating chocolate) but could you introduce a little exercise? A walk or get back on the bike?

I find that if I exercise I don't want to "spoil" it by eating badly (sometimes anyway!)

Lonicera said...

The comment is that I don't know what to comment - this is the great question for bandits. If your lapband is reasonably comfortable then you still have to use 'choices' (read willpower) to avoid the wrong foods... You have to weigh up the physical discomfort of being too restricted versus the mental comfort of feeling that you look good. Would it make a difference if you weren't having to prepare meals for David and Grace?? If you were just catering for yourself, would the 'right choices' be easier?

Dawnya said...

First I think you are a band rockstar and I look at your success and now it is possible.

You said you are eating more than it the good or the bad?

Are you still walking and biking? If not get back to exercising...that helped with your success all this time.

I know you can do it!!!

Lynda said...

I agree with Dawnya. For a while there, you were often talking about biking. I haven't heard you mention it for a while.

The good thing is that you are committing to getting a handle on this after a relatively small gain.

Thoughts are with you!
PS Looking forward to pics & news about the shop...

Morgan said...

I am a brand spanking new follower and getting all caught up on you past posts!

I am just 10 days out from surgery so unfortunately I do not have any advice, but I am enjoying your blog!!

Darlin1 said...

You have had a lot on your plate ;-)

You'll settle back into a routine....I'm sure of it!


Sam said...

Keep at it, start tracking, no matter what you eat and see how that goes, I find I don't eat as much crap if I am tracking cause I don't want to write it down.

Kiwigirl said...

Portion sizes and exercise! Get a fill if you need it, but get on the bike! I've found changing my exercise helps too - so if you are biking already, maybe try walking or even the gym. I reluctantly dragged myself to the gym and got a personal trainer - and it's made a real difference - even the weeks when I don't lose, I'm losing inches and shaping up. You can do it, and you're right to jump on it now before the weight gets out of control.