Sunday, April 29, 2012

Setting things up...busy busy.

This is going to be numbered.  I have been away working my little tail off getting ready for the shop.

1.  to start I will talk about my weight-the focus of this blog-I am back down to 174 (Yippee...only 10 left)  Yes I am sighing with BIG relief.  My restriction comes and goes (it is strange really but as long as that little number keeps going down.

2.  I now have a class schedule, a store sign, a front room on the store and a messy garage full of Ikea flat pack ready to become storage for all kinds of crafty fun goodness.  I am struggling a bit with a webpage but it is coming along.

3.  Grand opening date is June 1 (cause I set it in stone in an advertisement coming out in my old neighborhood newspaper as an insert).  I made copies of 1000.  650 are going out as inserts and the rest will be in the shop, at my bank, and local businesses who have already offered to share them for me.

4.  My local wine shop is saving corks for a cork craft class a friend is giving in June.  He also volunteered to give us a good price on wine for our monthly Chardo-knitting session-(Chardonnay and Knitting of course).  I am going to give him an advertising thank-you blurb of course.

5.  I opened a business account at our local bank (a short walk away) and they were so nice. They took copies of the class list and offered space so I could be their business of the month and set up a display inside the bank.

6.  I have several accounts ready to order my stock from but need a few key additional ones so if anyone knows knitters, fiber artists, spinners, dyers or somebody with unique crafty goodness let me know.

7.  I am headed off to San Francisco in a couple of weeks and would LOVE to be back into my smallest clothes comfortably.


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