Friday, April 6, 2012

More Pictures From Las Vegas and The New House Volume I

Las Vegas from my cell phone. I love having a cell phone to take pictures with. I also like it that I can email them to myself. The downside is that we then have more than one camera with pictures on it and it sometimes takes me a while to get all of the pictures together in the same place :)

Some of the decorations on the exterior of the Venetian Hotel.

At the beginning of the meal and wine tasting at Joel Robechon on trip.
The pudding like dish at 10 pm in the picture were the dreaded urchin. They looked and felt like pudding or soft custard in your mouth but creepier.
David at the end of our swanky Joel Rubichon meal. You can tell from the grin that he is at this point rather drunk and concerned whether his legs are going to work when it is time to go. On our last day we walked up the strip and through my favorite hotel in Las Vegas: The Bellagio. This Spring has a Dutch theme. Behind David is a small Carousel and a large filled 'wooden' shoe with large swathes of tulips.

Long promised pictures of our new house.

This is the view when you look down a set of steps to the basement door. My knitting/craft studio business will be here.
The following interior photos are of the main living level. The house is what I call a bownstone. It is a lot of multi-family row houses with a front stoop and a small set of stairs that can be used to go down into a downstairs entrance. The interior pictures are up the stoop set of stairs.

When you enter the house there is a living room. There are still quite a few boxes of books to go on the shelves. I am debating whether I should cover the books in a common color. My daughters suggested I sort them by color by that just seems wrong..I like my books sorted by subject. I also need a larger rug. The red one is a trial for color but I don't like it. Grace is going to have this small rug up in her room. See future posts for house pictures Volume II: The upstairs and Volume III: The shop (that one might be a while :)).
The lighting is bad but this is my front window. It overlooks the street and if I look down I can see my front lower patio.

With a right turn and down a small hallway you arrive in a large kitchen dining room area. This is the view down that hallway from the kitchen/dining room part of the house. On the left side of the hall is my old china closet. It will hopefully move back down to the yarn shop soon and be replaced by a built in bar/drinks area.

A view of my kitchen area.

On the large wall I am collecting large white platters and plates to hang around the large wall clock. I found two last weekend at a couple of antique stores we visited. I am hoping to build a window seat and built in book shelf from floor to ceiling where the smaller one is. Right now we have two sets of cubes (our old night stands) to hold our cookbooks. I hope the window seat will hold our games, puzzles and things.
Most of my neighbors have split the dining room area into a family room/dining area. We decided to go with a large table that seats 10 but found really comfortable dining room chairs. We have taken to sitting in the dining room a lot with the radio on.


Lonicera said...

Very smart town house with some lovely touches. That welsh dresser is gorgeous. I agree with you that the books should be sorted by subject - the different colours jumbled up just make it look like a typical bookcase, and I think make the room look cosy and inviting. Looking forward to seeing what your shop is like!

Read said...

I totally love it!!! I would keep the books just as you have them. I love the look of books with all manner of shapes and sizes and colors all put together!

I can't wait to see volume II and the shop!!

Linda said...

Tina - the house is so lovely! I love the kitchen and hardwood floors. Can't wait to see the shop come together.

Darlin1 said...

Love your new fun!


Band Geek said...

Beautiful! When I viewed the first photo of the arches, chandeliers, and ornate windows, I though that was your house--I'm all, DANG! But your place is just gorgeous, and looks much more comfortable. You've got great style.

Rachel said...

Loooooove the house! Also, love that you went to Robuchon's restaurant - I have never made it to his two restaurants in paris but I want to!!!