Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holy Crapi-doodles I is Tight.

Ok..I needed a fill I think butttttt this is how I know.

This morning I got on the scale. It still read 180.1 I did my usual cuss to myself. and then went back on my prozac. I can without a doubt tell you that the stuff greatly...dramatically...completely and immediately impacts my tightness. I took two prozac at noon. I also took my vitamins and drank a vente peppermint mocha frapp. I got home about 2pm and was hungry. I shared a quesadilla with Grace. It went down fine. I felt proud of myself because I ate half but wanted all. Grace and I went to the book store and then dropped off some stuff to the Salvation Army guy.

At 4pm I knew Grace was going to be at Choir for 2 1/2 hours and the quesadilla appeared to be going down OK. We stopped for a second frapp (I know just hush that isn't the point)...anyhow I didn't get to drink the bloomin thing because first PB session in what feels like ages occurred.

I stopped with all ingesting until just now. 9pm :) I had a small glass of water and now I am S...L...o...w...l...y eating a portion of a baked potato from the fridge. So here is the thing. I really think it is time to get off the prozac. I am feeling OK..but the dilemma: Those beautiful pills keep me tight and hanging on goal. The big change is now obvious. This big weight gain has coincided with a major cut back in my prozac. I went from two to one pill and then this last week or so dropped them all together.

My doctor has told me that prozac stays in your system for quite a while and that daily fluctuations would not show up right away. I am thinking this is a load of hooey right about now. I say it has an effect in oh...about 2-3 hours. I know it at least tightens my band in that period of time.

So the plan at this time is to ride this new found knowledge back to goal or almost to goal and then visit the doctor (Yup..make an appointment now in preparation). I knew if I worked on it I would figure it out but the figuring has been a touch scary.



Lap Band Gal said...

Hang in there sweetie! :)

o.c. bandster said...

Wow. I didn't know that proz@c can affect your band. I take it too.

So u are going to off the meds and get a fill?

Complicated stuff! Who know the band would be soooo sensitive! Hang in there

Linda said...

That's a lot to figure out with prozac. I know you will though, just take it slow.