Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. The scale went down another pound today. I will feel so relieved when i break through that 170 again.

2. I have found that Sugar and carbs are an important aspect of my life-either that or fake sugars are definitely not something I should be ingesting.

3. My restriction is definitely returning. Dinner was quite filling last night and I am having to put in some effort to getting my morning vitamins and pills down.

4. We had sun this morning-Now the clouds are returning :(

5. The shop is coming along. I had a contractor come and look over what I wanted. He said he could start work next week and get me open by May 1. I applied for a business license last night and have a logo and a webpage ready to be developed. I need to get cracking on ordering stock now and getting my sign approved by our HOA.

6. I love having the extra spare time that I have since I quit work. I am a house-cleaning machine. I am much happier when things are tidy.

7. Dissolved vitamin D and E taste sooo fishy..blech burp.

8. Grace has horseback riding lessons today at 3:30. I cannot wait to sit in the heated parent room and knit!!!

9. Our new cat is the coolest cat I have ever owned. She is so friendly!! I am really happy so far and Grace is stepping up to her responsibilities as main cat box scooper and room cleaner. I was really worried she would not be able to stay on top of things but so far soo good.

10. Oh freaking heck...I am out of stuff to say and it just started dumping buckets of freaking hail-rain. Sometimes I hate the northwest in Spring.

11. I just thought of something-I really need to keep a log of my restriction. It is soooo variable these days and I have decided that a running log of how many days I am too loose, just right and too tight might help me decide when/if I need a fill.


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Enjoyed reading Tina! :)