Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad Day Number 2

Still bummed today. I really think it is my head and nothing else. The shift in fall weather I hate! I love summer and do not like other seasons at all. I should really live in Florida or Southern California....hmm maybe the south of France or Spain? My work has tapered off again (can't concentrate). I am eating like crap and having to force myself to get up and move.

My band has definitely reopened again but I am not really attending to anything I should be. I had some mini shredded wheat for breakfast (7 is way more than I have been able to for a couple of months). At mid morning I had some ice cream (a really naughty amount). At two I had 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich. The bike ride came in right after the ice cream out of guilt! I had soup for dinner (again could get it down quite easily) and had a protein shake later because I felt so bad about the protein value for the day.

Today has not been very much better. a couple of handfuls of candy corn, two string cheeses and finally at 11am I have had a my first Diet Coke.

I have pressing papers to write and online courses to check in on. I am having one heck of a time getting motivated! All right..I am calling the gyno to deal with the hormones. Maybe pulling my sunlight lamp will help as well. arghgh I hate this up and down emotional stuff!


Lonicera said...

I remember all that... But although I'm some years past menopause I still get mood swings (which I didn't before) and although I look forward to feeling stable again one day, I must admit that (perhaps because of hormones), the lows have been horrible, BUT the non-lows (i.e. normal and high) have been full of adventure and new things to be learned. They've made me feel creative, given me lots of ideas, be willing to take risks (to a degree that takes my breath away!). So your life will never be boring!
Obviously it makes you eat more - and 'crap food' at that, but there are just too many temptations around.
'Too much ice-cream' you say - what, a whole tub of the Ben & Jerry size? That's peanuts. Two tubs, now there you're in the big league...
Hey, it's Friday.

Tina said...

Thanks for the comment Caroline. the sin was more of a partial Ben and Jerry's tub but way more than I have had since banded.

The brain fuzz is the worst and when it hit after each of my children I used food and caffeine to self medicate. apparently I have still not figured out another way to deal with it.

My band opening up has not helped me in this on this go at fuzziness either.