Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pics in Denim

I made my husband take some new pictures of me the other night. Even though I think it has only been 5-10 pounds since my last set of pics I can see more of a difference in these than the last ones. My face is finally starting to un-chubbify a little.

These are my sized 16 levi's 560 jeans. They are definitely a good thing if you have small legs but a large and long waist. These hit me right at my belly button but are flared too. The bit of Lycra in them makes them very comfortable. Note that I am standing next to my scale :) She and I have a much better relationship these days!

These Are my new trouser jeans. They look a bit baggier but Grace (aged 8) and my husband say they look good.

This picture is of my trouser jeans. As you can see is from the back. I still say they are a bit baggy but hey who can complain about jeans that are baggy!


Lonicera said...

I'm pea-green with envy that you're wearing jeans! And that top is gorgeous - just the sort I would wear. I probably ought to look for that model of Levis you mention...

Nicole said...

lookin' good! glad you found some jeans that fit so well.

The Dash! said...

Hey, you look just fantastic!! Love that top on you, very pretty. And you are def looking slimmer - no doubt about it. Be proud!!
PS Nice NSV wearing jeans. Whooo