Friday, October 23, 2009

Biking and San Francisco

Riding my Bike

My neighborhood is build around a big 2.2 mile loop. I ride around Oak Hills Drive, which turns into 144th ghd Perimeter and then back into Oak Hills Drive. you will have to click the x in the corner of the speech bubble, the center the loop in the frame. Finally hit zoom in once and you will see the map with streets.

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This all looks flat on a map...yeah will it is not. There is a pretty decent big hill involved and then sever really small ones. Most serious bikers would call it nothing. It is a thigh burner for me.

I have up to this point been afraid to try it. I was just not prepared for the failure if I could not get around the neighborhood. Well yesterday afternoon I got up the guts and went for it. I included some sanity saving hill skipping measures (like going out my back door and up the hill behind my house (saves me 1/2 the big hill ascent). I then rode halfway around the loop (and my thighs were screaming but my brain said nooo you can go further). I went three quarters of the way and my legs were screaming more loudly and I was cussing back at them (yes it was the 'f' word..over and over). I made it to the bottom of my street (because I still had the hill I skipped at the beginning to come back up. and I couldn't do it anymore. My lungs burned and I was coughing and my legs were getting to the point of collapse. So I walked my bike up the hill to my house.

I made it. I cannot fathom why on the bike I am able to push past exercise pain when walking or God forbid running I would never in a million years do that. My office mate thinks that it is because pushing the bike is just enough of a pain in the butt to make you want to get back on. I don't know but I do know Im OK with my progress and I am going to try it again.

Driving to San Francisco Today

After the dryer is finished and my packing is complete I am leaving by myself for a road trip to San Francisco. It is a 9 hour drive (the longest I have ever taken alone but i'm kind of excited to do it). I am off to another conference but have planned to drive so I can take my bike, pillow, camera, some books I have to return, several pairs of shoes, three books on CD, etc. For some reason knowing I am taking the car has put my packing sense into overdrive. I promise I will get the camera hook-up sorted out and upload from this trip.

Finally to end this thing...I want to give a shout out to Bunny. She is having a bad couple of days and I want to provide her with a virtual vacation:


Lonicera said...

What determination Tina - I must admit I've lapsed in the last week, not because of laziness but because I needed the time for other stuff. And of course the longer I leave it the harder it will be to get back to it. Do you find you're getting fitter? I was surprised this morning to find that I managed 2.5 of the 3 flights of stairs before having to stop. (So why can't it help the weight come down, that's what I want to know).
I think Bunny needs another of your vacations, if you look at her entry today...

Tina said...

I for sure fee like I am getting stronger. I lapsed a bit in San Francisco because I only managed to get in one bike ride.

I do know that there is a point in exercise when the weight holds on for a bit while you build up muscle. Your muscle weighs more than fast and while you are building that it seems like you are not gaining anything but soon, viola it will start dropping off. Look at it in terms of an investment.

Bunny said...

Thanks for the vacation matey! it was well needed. I didn't see my vacation until today as I have been so absorbed in my misery!! But I was glad to drink down that delicious drink and sit beneath the palm tree for a bit feeling a lot happier than I was back then!

Hugs & love & stuff