Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I had some weird stomach thing on Sunday. I was feeling open and decided to test my old stomach again with a small hamburger from Wendy's. I bought, I bit and it went down just fine. a couple of hours later I was drinking the pop from dinner. Watching TV and getting some grading done when my stomach began to hurt...badly. I was moaning and groaning. It was like someone was blowing me up with a bike pump. I tried to burp but with no luck. Finally I was sick (the deep down and painful kind). about 40 minutes later it all built up and came on again. After that I suffered from a bit of heartburn but went to bed because it was late.

Monday I skipped the Diet Coke (ya think??) and carried water and sipped as much as I could all day. I ate a string cheese and 1/2 a cheese sandwich for lunch and then another half as a snack in the afternoon. I had a mocha frapp. (Starbucks frozen coffee thing) at around 2:30 and ended up with another stomach ache (heartburn). Dinner was a bowl of soup and some very soft chicken breast.

Today I am still no caffeine at all. I had water, a little popcorn, 2 olives in the morning. For lunch I had 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich and later on lowfat pumpkin ice cream. For dinner 2/3 of a chicken pot pie (mostly the insides and not the crust).

I'm not sure if this deserves a doctors visit or if I should just continue to lay off the pop and caffeine and eat better.

I have gained 3 pounds (I never pay attention but it is bordering on irritating now).


Lonicera said...

When I read your "food-wot-I've-had" posts I always end up screwing up my eyes at the screen and grinning because I don't understand what on earth you're on about!! I think you must particularly enjoy snacks known by their branded names, available only in the US. Low cal pumpkin icecream??? I've heard it all now!
Enough teasing. Hope you're feeling better!!

Tina said...


First of I should be called the typo queen because I have yet to post without at least 5 typos in the text! I do not know what my problem is!!! I just fixed the mistakes (I type like an 8 year old).

I clarified the snackies-but the ice cream-yes it is a local delicacy ;) I have never seen it before but we found it at the grocery store over the weekend David opted for mint but Grace and I love it. It tastes like pumpkin pie minus the crust. It could be creamier but that is the price paid for lowfat ice cream (a chewier texture).