Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wearin Denim while I Face Plant in Pie

Ok Day number two of the great denim search yielded two pairs of decent jeans. One sized 18 trouser jeans. They are kind of dressy and kind of baggy but my 8 year old said they looked good (yes I am reduced to getting an 8 year old's opinion because my older daughters have moved out...good or bad? ;).... The second pair are Levi 560's. Slightly stretchy, slight muffin top but oh so comfortable and a decent sized zipper. They are a size 16.

I got both of these pairs of jeans at the same store I shopped at yesterday but at a different location (Fred Meyer for those who live in the northwest). I went with the intention of getting another pair of yoga pants (because I wore them today and they fit so wonderfully that I could wear them everyday for the rest of my life). This location did not have any of the kind of yoga pants I wanted so I on a lark went over to jeans to see what they had there. I definitely was much happier in the dressing room this time.

Because Fred Meyer has everything I also managed to pick up Halloween candy, some ground beef for dinner and some new clothes off the discount rack for Grace.

Ok now to the not so good part of my story....Apple pie tastes good. My band is behaving like a spazz and I am already on my second 1/2 slice. So my band has been tight then loose then tight then loose-this can change daily and even hourly. I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to go in at least for a consult and maybe for a small fill. It is weird because there are times when I burp and I know I am only burping spit that has built up in my stomach because it is empty and at best there is some liquid in there. At other times I can shovel in a piece of pie, fettuccine Alfredo or some other once taboo food with the greatest of ease.

I have debated whether I have just learned to eat these foods (chewing well and small bites) or if I have really opened back up...

ahh to fill or not to fill that is the question. Whether tis nobler to resist the charms of sweetness and move thy body to the rhythms of life's great speeding path or better to seek outside assistance with a needle and shot of liquid control.

Ok someone can add to that-I am all tapped out with my creative play on Hamlet. I just went at looked at the whole piece and I think it can be done.


The Dash! said...

Sometimes, figuring out if we need a fill can be SO tricky!! It sounds like you might need one.. cos it must be frustrating for your band to play up like that.
Nice job getting the jeans too :) Always a winning day when we find the ones we like.

Lonicera said...

My opinion, for what it's worth:
Trouble is, if you have a fill, OK it'll take care of the loose time, but what will your restricted time feel like THEN - will it make you feel over-filled, unable to sleep for sicking up saliva, joint ache from not enough fluid in the body?
Right now I oscilate between slightly and very restricted, and the net effect is that I'm not losing weight because my 'head' is going into starvation mode and I'm simply unable to resist the easyband stuff - or most of the time. I'm a convert to anti-over-restriction, now I've experienced it for myself.