Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too Big For My Britches-

On Saturday (see the post below) I was high on my new smaller size. Well I think I was a little high on the belief scale. A word or warning or information :) depending on how you look at it is that the Gap makes their clothes large!.

Today I went to our local 'sells everything store' to look for jeans. This store sells Levi's and I have always had good luck with that brand but...I am not the same size and shape as I was before. After trying on 15 pairs of jeans made by 5 different companies and from two different departments I came away with zero pairs of jeans. I am apparently too small for the large sized department but not really in the regular sized department for jeans either. All of the jeans gave me huge muffin top while the jeans in the large sized department floated around me in all areas. When I asked to see jeans with a higher waist they could find exactly one pair and those had granny pant-legs that my daughters have banned from my life (and I admit look horrible). So apparently I need a granny waist without granny pant legs. I cannot be the only person with this problem!

After reaching a point of frustration in the denim department I moved on to the fitness department and tried to find some workout pants (of course less than the $25.00 I was advised against spending). I tried on 9 pairs of yoga pants and found exactly one pair that fit nicely-again either super baggy leg, too short or muffin top. I would have bought 3 pairs of these but the store only had one sized extra large on the rack. I paid a whopping 34 dollars for these yoga pants.

I refuse to give up and will keep looking for jeans. I will go back to Gap and buy the perfectly good yoga pants for $25.00 and never listen to my children again when they suggest I can get the same thing for less money elsewhere.

If anyone is somewhat tall, has skinny legs and in the sized 16 to 18 range has any advice about brands and styles please let me know!!! I need help and patience :)


Linda said...

Tina- Did you try on any jeans at the gap? That's what I wear and they fit well. Also, I just found Danskin active wear at Walmart that's pretty nice the have yoga pants and capris for $10 dollars.
Good luck in your search!

DocSly said...

Tina, look for the Tribal brand jeans. They seem to fit nicely.

The Dash! said...

Hi Tina,
Great blog you have - glad I checked in and can't wait for the next post.
I hear you on trying to find a great pair of jeans - sometimes its just not happening. I ended up doing the same yesterday but instead came home with a denim skirt that sits just on my knees. Go figure. :)

Tina said...

Thanks guys-I hit paydirt today and will post about it shortly. I am glad I have the Gap, Danskin and Tribal suggestions. I will make sure and try on when I find them. Amazingly I am close to a Gap but about a 30 min drive away from a Walmart! I live too close to the big city I guess.