Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exercise Rebellion

Summer has turned to rain here in Oregon and so has my gumption to exercise. I am still somewhat tight but my run of weightloss has finished. I gained a pound today (it always happens at the whole 10 pound marks!). I have also been sitting on my backside instead of walking or biking or anything else. I just want to snuggle in a blanket and watch a movie!



Ok I forced my sorry backside into my new diaper pants (padded bike short underwear things). drug the still unused bike out of my car. Put the illfitting helmet on and coasted down the hill that I live on. The wind felt cool and breezy. A brief flash of..oh this isn't so bad..maybe even nice. Then I got to the bottom of the hill and pedaled the bike. I lasted 1/2 a block. My butt hurt, my thighs hurt so I lowered the gear and tried some more. I finished the block and made a quick decision to turn back up the other side of my loop because there was no way I was going to make it around the neighborhood!. I got halfway up the hill and had to stop and walk. I got back on the bike and managed to ride to the top of the hill and then stopped again for a rest. Finally I coasted back into my own driveway and yard. In all I managed to be out of the house for a @$%@$%$ total of 22 minutes and rode around my short block. arghghghg I need a nap!


Lonicera said...

That was funny! and honest too. I can't remember when I last rode a (real) bike...
Gaining weight: the line rises steeply and steadily - like a comet, a thing of beauty.
Losing weight: the line lazily starts down in a series of absurd and undignified jerks, then gets mulish and goes straight...then up..., then briefly down with a jump - like driving down a rocky mountain road, with the insides of the vehicle being rattled about in discomfort... sigh

Tina said...

You are so right-and it sucks!