Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weird Tightening Up? is it Hormones?

So today has been the tightest day I think I have ever had. I am sitting here with my first bout of post-band acid indigestion. As I am feeling a tad PMSy (no hysterectomy yet and avoiding the decision like crazy!). I managed 1/3 of a cheese sandwich today, 1oz of cheese, 1 Mango Mantra protein drink and a cup of clam chowder. I did sneak down 4 small squares of good British cadbury's chocolate.

I have the say the sandwich went down the easiest. The smoothie and soup have been difficult. It took me about an hour to drink the smoothie and the soup is still not down and I ate it 3 hours ago!! I am still afraid to drink some water before bed.

I am going to walk very carefully. Stay hydrated (lesson from Caroline!) and if things persist go in for a visit to my doctor. I have had tightening in previous months but not to this extent.

Hopefully the weight loss will continue....down another 1/2 pound today.

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