Thursday, September 24, 2009

Living the Morning Person Lifestyle

It is 6am. I am currently behaving as if I live on eastern standard time (somewhere between German time and Pacific standard time). I really like the quiet time! I get lots of uninterrupted computer work done. So much so that I am even entertaining the thought of becoming a morning person (if that is possible).

My job is predominantly to write reports, articles for professional papers, presentations and of course teach (I do most of this online during the school year). It is an on your butt computery type of job and although I like most of it, I have not been successful at focusing and getting the articles I am supposed to be writing done. This is mostly because I need to concentrate to do it. These early quiet mornings seem to be doing the trick in providing that concentration time.

Before the band (and possibly turning 45) I used to get this concentration time by staying up until the wee hours of the morning after everyone went to bed. I have not really been able to do that even before my trip because i have started nodding off before everyone else (my older kids, husband etc) go to bed. I think this morning thing is a winner-and I am going to do my best to shift my schedule to it!!

On the scale front-I got that extra pound off and hoping for another!! I am starting to get a taste for th 100's and I am a short 24 pounds away from them. Somewhere in my stash of saved stuff (probably in a buried box somewhere) I have a pair of size 20 button fly Levi Jeans that I wore when My oldest daughter was 3 (she is now 24). I weighed 200 when I wore those jeans. Needless to say I am beginning to have a look for those jeans to see if they will fit me yet. I am sure my butt has shifted south and my stomach is all differently shaped but I am hoping that 1. I can get my sorry backside into them and 2. that they will not look too stupid on me and I can wear them again.

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Bunny said...

hey baby gurl. Just pondering and I saw your turtle!! We are both (kind of) around the same weight, but you are like over half way towards your target weight! Thats amazing. I never congratulated you for it... its kind of snuck up on me!! HA HA. I really has though! WELL BLOODY DONE! I'm on your tail now though matey! lets have a race!