Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gutten Tag

I am in Dresden, Germany at a math ed conference. I have a camera and bag full of protein bars, protein powder but need to get some bottled water!!

This is my first international trip all alone...Im at once excited and also kinda lonely. I arrived her today at noonish, got my hotel room and crashed for 3 hours. I then went out to find methods of communicating with home. The hotel internet fees are 26.99 euro per day (wayyyyyyy to rich for my blood) and my cell phone would go on roaming as soon as I turned it on. Instead I bought a pay as you go local phone (a new sim would not work in my sad old phone). I then discovered that If I joined boingo back home I could get my stay with unlimited coverage for 60 dollars. I signed up. Now I am all set.

Traveling in my newer thinner way was Very much more comfortable!! I did not fit and overlap into my neighbors seat. I did not get that look from people as I walked down the aisle towards them that said..please not next to me....I could cross my legs and stretch my legs quite comfortably in front of me. It was still difficult to sleep because i like to lay my head forward on my tray with a pillow (like sleeping on my stomach) but the lady in front of me was a back sleeper and reclined full back thus blocking my space. The food was fine. I remember before when I traveled i would get really hungry between the meals but this time i could barely eat any of my food (just got full). I saved my brownie and a square of cheese for a snack about midpoint in the flight and that was fine. They never give you enough liquids so I had a large bottle of water of which i managed a little more than half.

So far Dresden is not thrilling me. I am in the main part of town (in the UK it would be the high street). with a hotel facing a big McDonalds and shops. I have not seen anything quaint or cute but I also have not left this street. If anyone knows any must see items or shops in Dresden please do drop me a comment or email (

I will keep you posted on the sights!



Lonicera said...

Hi Tina - sounds like you're enjoying yourself. You may not find old buildings in the centre because the British and US air forces bombed the hell out of it in 1945...
Hope you'll post more experiences!

Lonicera said...

How's things? where are you?

Bunny said...

Hey hun. You must be back from the Bundesrepublik Deutschland by now. Did you enjoy it? Am interested about protein powder etc etc... When, how, why, what do you do with it... do you use it as meal replacements... do you just use whey protein powder, or use a powder that includes all the minerals and vitamins?
Just bought some MRP Protein powder for use instead of meals, or if I find myself unable to eat... am having a good crack it all again. I have never (in 2 and a half years since banding) used protein shakes at all. Slimfast, yes, but thats not protein shake... more like sugar shake.
anyway, hugs mate... and its been 10 days since you blogged baby girl! LOL I can talk huh!

Bunny said...

Oh yeah, I agree with Caroline... we flattened Dresden (especially there for some reason) in the WW2 and I mean FLATTENED. Sorry about that. Munich is better as it was too far away from blighty... its really nice!