Sunday, January 4, 2009

The sugeon missed!-reposted from December 10-

So I went into the doctors on Monday-I was wide open. Having something go wrong with your band really messes with your head. I spent all last week testing the band to the max. I even tried an old school sandwich (I have not been able to eat untoasted bread since my first fill). at the doctors office He attempted another fill. He poked and poked but just hit the port and deflected off.

He finally gave up and sent me to x-ray where things when soooooo well! They took multiple pictures of my port then he positioned a giant sewing needle shaped instrument over my port area. He alternated taking pictures and repositioning until the eye of the 'needle' was directly over my port. Then the doctor pulled the syringe off of the needle and poked around right where he marked the eye area and took more pictures. He repositioned the needle once and nailed my port right on the bulls-eye. He then pulled the camera off, put the syringe part back on and gave me a whopper of a fill!

Sooo Now im reallllly full. I don't know if I should be sticking it out and wait for swelling to go down (or fat to be lost around my port) but I ate some of my grandsons rice cereal today with apple juice and it hurt going down. I can drink clear liquids but that is about it. I am going to give it until Friday before I call in for a slight unfill. The doctor said that from now on I will be going to x-ray for my fills :) so much nicer than the blind poking I think!!

The final conclusion was that I did not have a leak but that the doctor had missed last time and he either hit it part way and pulled out part of my fluid or ended up pulling out the lidocane that he put in before attempting the fill.

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Bunny said...

Thank bloody god for that! I was so worried that it was stuffed. I wouldnt wish that on anyone.