Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh my goodness I am embarassed!

Sooo I just discovered that my personal blog entry (from December 10) was posted on a work blog. I like this whole blog thing but i do think mixing work with personal is problematic. After my discovery (a full 23 days after posting in the wrong place) I have moved it to its correct location and deleted it on the other website. Soo there were no comments, no emails telling me of my either no one saw it or they were too kind to comment :)

So my status thus far-I am working off of a perfect fill (I miss food sometimes but the weightloss is grand!) I lost 6 pounds over Christmas vacation and I did imbibe in some fun things-cadburys, pomme frittes, latkes but only bites here and there and verrrrrrrrrry carefully as I risked vomiting if i was not extremely careful.

In all I am now down 32 pounds. I have 9 more pounds to lose until I reach my first milestone (my lowest weight on weightwatchers that I Promptly regained in rapid pace two years ago). After this goal is met (I hope soon) then I will be making new ground-I have not been below that weight since the late 1980's.

Note-Bunny i sent you an email but mine seem to always go to junk so have a look for it!!

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Bunny said...

Yep, I got it babe... it was in the junk. What is that about? Anyways, you are on the accept list now partner!