Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love my garbage disposal-

So I have been doing really well-the scale continues to move ever slowly downward. Today, because i have yet to do laundry after our trip to the UK (yes you can count correctly-it has been 8 days since we got home). I have been tooo busy :) and too lazy and tooo jetlagged. Anyway because i have not done laundry I was a tad desperate today for something to wear. Well I had a dig in my closet and found my too tight pair of levis (from a year and a half ago). This pair of jeans was purchased just before my big regain. At the time i bought two pairs of jeans. They both fit me but as the weight came back on one of them became known as the tight pair-i stopped wearing these. I got into the big pair of levis (even though they are the same size) just after I had the flu. I got into this pair this morning!! yipppeee hooray. I also got into a shirt that up to now I have had to wear open with a tank top underneath. again a big yippeeeee.

Ok now onto why I love my disposal. Wellll I have been craving steak. Don't ask me why I am not really a meat lover but nonetheless I wanted it. So we went to Outback steakhouse and my mouth watered. I dutifully drank my liquids before the food. I had a tiny scrap of the yummy bread (i used to eat 1/2 a loaf) and a couple noodles from my DD's Macaroni and cheese. My steak and baked potato came. I ate about 1/2 of the steak (a 7 oz uncooked i am sure) and two very small bites of the potato. I was stuffed, I was over stuffed....I had to do a runner to the toilet to relieve the excess spit from the meal. I pulled out a ziplock and continued to expel spit in the car...ahhh i wished for a good belch but no such luck. It took 7 more heaves in my oh so helpful garbage disposal at home to finally launch the nasty-too large, not chewed enough steak from my gullet. Sigh...and now I am hungry again. Damnit!!

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