Thursday, January 22, 2009

arghgh restricted? or not??

So for the past week or so I have been clueless as to whether this band is at a good fill level. I get stuck so it is definitely there. but when i eat I get hungry really quickly again. On the other hand I have had meals where I can eat way too much. For example-twice i have had fish and chips and was able to eat two fairly large pieces and some french fries.

Additionally I have gained and lost the same 4 pounds three times.

I do not know if I am doing my usual lose 10 pounds and then i need another fill or what (only this time it is 14 pounds).

I am afraid to get another fill because I still barf about once or twice a week. Usually this is because i try to eat some meat product or bread product that i know I am not supposed to.

lately the barfs have been-steak, hamburger, turkey, 1/2 a bagel. This concerns me a bit-I of course can eat fish so far (i don't really love it and being without a stove does not make this problem very easy to solve). After fish I am not sure how I am supposed to maintain a high protein diet. 60 grams a day is difficult if you cannot eat most meats. I get 15 grams in my protein bars (breakfast). 7 grams for 1 oz of cheddar cheese (i usually have 2 ounces so that is 14. The fish and chips offer up 28. I of course change things up from time to time-like attempting other meats at dinner etc.

I just figured this out while i wrote it--im a little freaked. I guess i am going to have to at least keep track of my protein for a while. Maybe more protein in will help me stay full longer? or barf more!! haha

Ok now that I have barfed on the page-it appears I need to 1. keep a food diary...Damn I dont want to. 2. eat more protein. 3. look to see if i open up as I get to the bottom of the 4 pound yoyo.


Tracey said...

Hi Tina, it sounds like you may need to visit your health professional and discuss this.

I just recently had to have some fill removed and it was the best thing I could possible do at the time.

Re the protein, do you like eggs? I love them and eat them boiled, scrambled, poached and in omelates with heaps of fresh veges, they are an excellent source of protein and could wonderfully in the microwave.

Also, if you are really worried, short term you could take a protien shake once a day.

Good luck,

Tina said...

Thanks for the comment Tracey-I used to eat a lot of eggs. I stopped eating eggs in December after my last fill. I was able to eat them but al of a sudden i got stuck on eggs (for breakfast) I do have to say I have not tried them for lunch or dinner so maybe that is something i should try to do.

I really, really hate protein shakes so the doctor suggested the bars. I found some I like but they are so sweet I am afraid that in the long run I will get sick of them.