Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chew, Chew, Chew

Every time i feed my grandson I say-chew chew chew (he is still learning to eat solids). Well Duhhhhhh yesterday after I examined the quantity of vomit i expelled following an attempt to eat a hotdog for lunch (minus the bun) I discovered that everyone should be saying that to me! Although I think I chew I am obviously not doing so well enough-There were pieces in there the size of my thumb (long and wide)....

so in addition to writing down what I eat and counting protein I need to freaking chew!

Part of my problem-and I think this has been a lifetime problem-is that I dont like to think about eating. I wait until im hungry. With the band I have waited until I am even more hungry because half the time I have to really think about where and what I can eat with this band. By the time I actually sit down to eat I am starving and then start wolfing my food and then I get stuck and then i barf....

The good thing ( I guess) is these problems do not seem to irritate my stomach at all. I appear to be fine after.

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