Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh happy dayyyy oh happy dayyyyyy

So I have a new development. I have had pretty good restriction for the past month (ever since the leaky port scare, overfill and then tweak). I have fought it a little-Getting used to eating so much less food is kind of difficult at first. I used to eat really chunky sandwiches and thought I could not eat bread anymore. I can now however eat from 1/3 of a sandwich to 1/2 depending on the day. I think this has taken some time to wrap my head around (with several visits to my garbage disposal as proof).

Well today I was shocked to discover (when I tallied what I had eaten before dinner was: 2 protein bars and 1/2 a sandwich. For dinner I had a small bean burrito (eaten slowly and first 1/2 then the second after a wait time and burp). and 1/2 cup of rice pudding. I am completely satisfied, not hungry.

I am pretty impressed I have to say. I hope this is how things are going to be for the distant future. I am steadily losing weight. I have avoided eating any of the chocolate (well my chocolate anyway). I had a couple of bites of my children's here and there.

Off the diet topic-yesterday we finished the first half of the kitchen floor (bamboo) and are hoping to get the electrics fixed up so that we can put up the first of many bits of Ikea cupboards (i'm kind of scared of all of that flat pack).

Today all hell developed when my oldest daughter on her 8.5 months of failed sleep cracked crying with her bag on bags look. I took on childcare while she 'slept.' I found out later that she was unable to sleep and ended up talking to her sister for two hours on the phone.

Well we dragged my grandson and two other of my daughters around town looking for a car replacement (the sleep deprived daughter is buying it for herself and i now need a new one). I did buy a car. It is a Mazda 5 (a pseudo-van) LIke a van only 'car'ier. I like it so far but I am a bit concerned when I have to parallel park to pick my youngest daughter up and school-

So to end the saga-I am now on baby night duty. I sent my oldest daughter to bed with a sleeping pill and said I will get up with my grandson tonight (I might spend tomorrow sleeping :)))...So far he has stayed asleep. He twists and turns in bed like crazy and has made two peeps but from 9-11:30 he has stayed asleep. Wish me luck!!!



Bunny said...

Your and angel. I wish my mum had given me a darn break when Waz didnt sleep for 2 and a half years. I thought I had mad cow disease (NO JOKE!) because I couldnt get a sentence together! jeez it was awful. your daughter will totally appreciate it bless her.

Bunny said...