Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catching up

We have been on vacation to Central Oregon.  Of course the Gynecologist did not fit me in for an appointment.  I promptly decided enough was enough and called another one recommended to me.  They fit me in right after my vacation and I jumped.  Then while on vacation I got a phone call canceling this appointment but…they rescheduled me with an unknown doctor a day earlier.  I can live with this.  Since when did there become a shortage of good gynecologists??  It sure wasn't such a hassle when I was having babies.

Now onto my tummy troubles.  They have been REALLY bad.  After every meal I have to get up and walk around holding onto my left side.  After a great dinner last night for the first time since I had the unfill I had no pain at all (and I did overeat for sure!).  Then today I got all cocky thinking the tummy troubles were over and had a burger and fries for lunch…I didn't even get halfway through the burger and whammo I was in agony.  I left the restaurant and tried to walk it off to no effect.  The pain lasted for at least an hour and started to improve a bit.  In the past a nice warm coffee eased things up so I stupidly stopped for one.  The pain ramped up even more and as I stumbbled around a store in agony it didn't improve.  I finally asked David to take me to the emergency room.  On the drive there of course it began to get better.  After we arrived I walked around a bit and after two laps around the parking lot it shifted to just shoulder pain again.  I really did not want to go to an emergency room in a small town-much preferring one in my home town and at the University hospital that installed the band int he first place.

I have decided to stick as much to liquids as possible until I can get into see someone.  I bought some gasx to try too!!

On a positive note-other than irritating everyone with my side aches vacation has been fun!
 We met up with some friends from home for drinks and dinner!
 We took two canoes and paddled for 3 hours.

 Grace resting
Grace and her friend racing ahead
 I was the rudder-David was the power paddler
dinner with two camera shy girls

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