Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Phone Drama.

I got the call back from the lapband department.  I am good to go there and will see them on Monday.  They suggested that if I need and upper GI they can just send me upstairs for it right away.  I should probably round up some bloodwork-I have results from one doctor but you know they won't be sharing.

Now back to the GYNO hell.  I called the office again this morning at 10am.  I got the receptionist on the phone who asked me for my name.  I gave it.  She then asked me for my date of birth.  I gave it.  She then proceeded to tell me that they had no record of test results for me.  WTF???

I informed her that I spoke to two people yesterday who said indeed yes I have results but that they needed to be read by the doctor.  She then said well you know we have data from people from three states and there are a heck of a lot of Tina Johnstons.  None of them on my list has your birthday.  This really helps me my confidence right??  Did they lose my specimen?  Did they lose my results?  I am sure has heck not getting another biopsy that is for sure!!!

Tonight Grace informed me that the doctors office called after I left the house this morning apparently to tell me my results.   I told the doctor to provide my results to anyone who answered the phone (that all persons were fully aware of the situation).  I repeated this on two visits and this statement was met with a yes and a head-shake.  Apparently they had no intention of actually doing it.

Tomorrow I will be requesting my records to be placed in an envelope and that I will be picking them up. I will expect to receive at this time the results of my biopsy.  I will then take these records with me and go find a new gynecology office as this one is apparently completely incompetent.

Fine I have a common name but really if they cannot manage to report results to someone I am not ready to trust them with a scalpel on my lady bits.

arghghghghggh extreme frustration.

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Rhonda said...

Can't blame you! I'd be frustrated, too! :(

Hoping for good results. *crosses fingers*