Monday, July 21, 2014

Two Days on Empty and doing OK

The Scale:  so far holding steady (phew)
The sugary drinks: I had coffee but only one small one and I am chasing each one with a large water and iron pill.
The food:  Eating a lot more but mostly making healthy decisions:  1 chicken tamale for lunch, 1 big for me serving of taco salad for dinner.  2-3 cups of kettle corn at the farmers market!!

The stomach issues are still here but were better yesterday.  Perhaps things are healing?  Definitely a pain in my side whenever I eat and shoulder pain after.

I got a phone call from the lab on Saturday morning.  My iron tests were in and they are down to 6 (apparently that is red flag call the patient worthy on a Saturday).

The only real symptoms of the anemia I have is tired-took naps on both Saturday and Sunday and occasional dizzy when I get up too fast and climb stairs.  I did read something that said anemia can cause intestinal issues?  Perhaps it is one culprit after all.

I am calling the gyno today. After a weekend think and discussion with hubby we have decided to try an IUD with progesterone 1.  to see if it works and 2. to try and give me a break and bring the iron up before a hysterectomy surgery.

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