Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Gyno Love

I called hoping to sort out the gyno issues.  My bleeding has increased again (just what I needed given the low Iron already). I was given an appointment for August 6.  I guess two more weeks won't make a difference?  I kind of think it will but either I really pissed off the office or they just don't care.

I called my GP and she said she cannot put in a progesterone IUD but she can take them out (ahh if that were only my problem).  She has recommended someone else who might be able to see me sooner.  WHile I had her on the phone I asked for my iron numbers form my last test but they made absolutely no sense.  I am guessing the nurse assistant did not know which number to tell me??

On the band front:  The eating is fun but still scaring me to death.  I am super hungry now!  The old food porn feelings are back in full force.  I watch what everyone is eating and savor its foody goodness.  today was just plain old weird.  I was very busy in the shop so ate a series of snacks (some good and some NOT).  I have not gained yet but fear it is in my future big time.  I am trying to take my iron tablets and drink as MUCH water as possible.

Yes..the store was super busy-that is a good thing.

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