Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Where are you?

It snowed this morning (I thankfully missed it sitting on the ground). It is now rainy and I have yet another cold/flu thing. Apparently I didn't give my grandson his latest illness because he has now given the thing to me. One begins to ask just how many times can one catch the same cold/flu? I would think they have to be different but sheesh. How many versions can there be that the flu shot missed?


On a good note as much as I would like to say I have been in total control of my eating it has been up and down and despite my lapses the scale popped right back on goal again this morning. It is really days like this that make me soooo grateful for this ring of plastic hugging my stomach in protection from my sometimes senseless brain above it.

My job chart mentioned below is REALLY working well for both Grace and I. It somehow keeps us focussed on just a couple of things. I think I really got stuff done but it all somehow is more notable when I can pull a piece of paper off a chart, wrinkle it up and say..right then that one is done.

Today is my day to tutor a couple of my math students. Thus far this event has been a great motivator to keep the downstairs clean. When I woke up and surveyed the downstairs today I found an unholy mess. Not only is there the clutter from moved in stuff not quite to its designated new home yet but David decided that last night was the night to dehydrate, grind and mix sprouted whole wheat bread for us (supposedly much healthier for you than regular wheat bread). Well...sprouted wheat, flour, and crapola is now all over the kitchen as if someone let off a bomb. eeek...I have some work to do quickly.



Read said...

I am so ready for spring!!! And while I haven't had the same flu coming and going - I have had the same cold FOR EVER. I am so damn tired of it. Here's to both of us getting healthy and for spring to finally get here!!!

Justine said...

Spring seems to have well and truly sprung over here in the UK; it's very early and we've had such mild weather that I think we are actually waiting for something really bad to happen weather-wise sometime soon to wipe the smug grins off our faces!

Lap Band Gal said...

Yay Spring!

BTW, we have a new Oregonian bandster who blogs:

She's in PDX :)