Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Book So Far!!!

I mentioned the new book I am reading in my post last night..oh wait that was this morning. The book is REALLY good. I have just read the first chapter but wow is it hitting home for me.

I heard about it during an interview with the author on All Things considered on the radio on my drive to work last week.

So so far i have read about how they have done this big study of people who successfully changed their lives. The key change was changing one thing at a time. The main example person quit smoking so that she could go on a cross desert hike. She focussed on the smoking but funnily enough in the process she ended up changing her diet, exercise, and finances not because she wanted to focus on it but because she picked those things up in order to avoid the smoking.

Researchers asked this woman to take part in their study and they imaged her brain and found over time that she has actually changed the way her brain works (lights up). Her new habits heat up different parts of her brain while the old areas no longer light up.

at least 40% of what each of us do is a habit (this includes big stuff like my morning coffee run down to little stuff like which shoe i put on first).

Businesses take advantage of our habit forming by changing one thing in what they do in order to increase business. For example Starbucks gives you a half off coupon to get you to come in twice a day instead of just once in order to get a new habit started from you that increases their revenue.

It is a good good book thus far.



speck said...

I like this. I'm going to check it out.

I just asked about book recommendations on my blog yesterday.

Seems this came at a good time!

Thanks for sharing.


Linda said...

I'm going to see if my library has that book. It sounds great.

Sandy said...

Just added it to my book queue to get at Amazon. Sounds good. I think I need some habit forming habits.

Ronnie said...

Might have to check this book out. I know I definitely have plenty of habits that I could trim the fat on!