Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Hongry

Holy moly..I am Hongry..not hungry..this is some big Hongry. I keep joking to my family that I must have passed a big hairball down my stoma because I have not had this kind of hungry in years. I feel like hoovering everything in sight.

Methinks the fill is in order.

1. Weighing in at 172!!!!!
2. Hongry.
3. Can only eat 1/2 a cup but the food swishes through quite quickly.
4. aaaaaaaaghghghghghghg

Tomorrow morning we leave for Las Vegas. I am torn. I am happy that I can eat more than usual. I am scared that I will put on more weight. I will eat but I am going to do some serious walking in hopes of keeping the damage to a minimum before I get a fill.



Lynda said...

Sounds like a good plan for Las Vegas--have fun!

Rachel said...

Have a great time in Vegas - just walk everywhere!! xxx

Justine said...

Better to be on the loose side than too tight when on a trip. And, as you say, you can do a lot of walking to make up for the "Hongries". Enjoy Vegas!

Emily said...


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