Friday, March 16, 2012

4 am and all is well-BYOC

1. How do you feel about college? If you have kids or siblings - will you encourage or require them to go? How long did you go and what for?

I am a college teacher so of course I'm big on it. I learned a lot personally from the classes that I took. If I never earned a dime from it that alone would be worth it. I was the first person in my family to earn a Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and Ph.D. I luckily had a free ride and have no loans to pay back on my own education. I figure that provided me with the opportunity to pay it forward and I have done my best to pay for most of my three daughter's college educations and I hope someday to help a non-family member pay for school.

I want my children to do what they want to do with their lives...but I hope that includes some educational training. So far I have a mathematician, a admin assistant (who has a bachelors degree in international political economy) and a nurse in training. Grace is 10 and says she wants to be a computer engineer like her dad.

Statistically those with bachelors degrees out earn those with a high school diploma and those with a high school diplomas out earn those with none. Beyond a bachelors degree there is no such earning link. It is a crap shoot. I push for my students and my children to dream big, work hard and I have their back in those pursuits.

2. Pink or purple? Coke or Pepsi? Pen or pencil? Cursive or printing? Ketchup or mustard?

Any color is great but I really like green best.
Diet Coke
Both depending on the job at hand. If it is math is is a high quality mechanical pencil. If it is grading or writing then a really nice pen. White board markers are fun (oh and I love purple the best when it comes to pens).
neither cursive or printing..I am a typer.
ketchup on some things mustard on others.

3. If you could live in any generation - which one would it be? I would live in this one for convenience, standard of living and all that jazz but as far as style goes I really like the forties. I love it that everything retro is stylish right now. We can pick our time and play for a day.

4. What do you sleep in?

Usually just underwear. I kind of have a hot flash problem at night. So I cannot even sleep under our duvet anymore. Just panties and a waffle blanket. When I am really cold I wear pajama bottoms and a tank top but by morning I usually wake up and find out that sometimes while sleeping I shucked them both.

5. Repeat question - summarize your week!

busy busy..I have done some reading and some posting but finals week is upon me. I am still up at this unGodly hour because I am a night owl but also because I was grading exams. On Monday I have conferences with my students and then I am full on to get ready to open my knitty/crafty shop. Stuff is moving in that area.

My weight..blah...a little up and little down same old same old. My biggest challenge is nutrition. I am more than happy to have snacks instead of meals these days but the problem is that I can totally skip any good protein, fruit and vegetables in the process. crap is easy to get down on the fly. Real meals not so much. I am trying to get at least one sit down meal a day and will do even better when I am not working two nights a week (makes excuses really easy).

Some things have hit home-Justines decision-making about whether she wants to stay or lose more and is the effort worth it. I think we all think about that every day. I know I do. I have also read with interest some of the bloggers (more than one) posts about thinking and having the sleeve instead of their bands. Oh and Im debating about Chicago for year three of the Boobs gala event. I did really have a good time last year.

Finally, I started reading a book about habits, how we form them and how we can break them. I am looking forward to learning more from the author. I will post about it if I gain any insights.

I suppose I need to try and sleep a little. nighty night all.




Amanda Kiska said...

Let me know when you're ready to pay a non-family member's student loans and I'll send you mine.

Ronnie said...

You should totally come to BOOBs, maybe we can actually spend some time together this year!! :(