Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Photos? what photos?

Valentines day is my birthday too.  That makes a high bar for my husband to reach.  On the other hand he has no excuse to forget either my birthday or valentines day. :)  Well this year I switched a tables on him a bit.  He booked a table at a nice restaurant downtown (  I on the other hand had plans of my own.two summers ago David lost his wedding ring.  He lost some weight but failed to get his rings resized and vavoom his wedding ring fell off never to be found.  Well I found an exact replacement a few months ago and the plan was to take him downtown and order the thing (with proper sizing this time).  We did and he is now wearing his proper wedding ring and not the nasty old thing we used as a replacement until now.

As he did not find any birthday presents for me (lets face it I already own all of the yarn I need and I do not want to buy clothes because I have my favorite size 10 wardrobe just waiting for me in my closet upstairs).  He planned on wandering around the shops and getting some inspiration with me along.  We ended up buying him a pair of shoes.  I didn't find anything I fancied.  Honestly the trainer is costing a pretty bundle and it is the right gift for me-a bit of health right?

We had dinner at Higgins (it was OK but more of a carnivores kind of place-again David was in heaven). birthday turned into a bit of a romantic day for the hubby and I am totally OK with that.

I have not yet gotten another fill.  The hospital apparently made me an appointment but didn't ever call to tell me they did so..thus I missed it on Feb 13?  Who knew?  I called them and said I would definitely not be paying for that one.  I also had a long awaited endocrinologists appointment that my nurse practicioner recommended.  I made it in Jan for the first part of march (yes his waiting list is that long).  Two days before the appointment I had a confirmation call.  Then at 6pm the night before the appointment I got a call stating that my appointment was cancelled and that they had tried to call me in Jan to reschedule--uh..nope no phone call.  I called them back and was not a happy camper.  They said the next available appt. was in JULY!

I forcefully-while bawling-told the poor receptionist that this was recommended by the doctors colleague and that as 'you' were the one to cancel and now I have to wait another 5 months I don't think that is reasonable..etc.  They called back and got me in for tomorrow at noon.

Now get this..once a year in the yarn shop we have this big event.  4 days out of the entire year and all 16 yarn stores put on a special weekend with trunk shows and sales and special designs etc.  Well guess what tomorrow is?  you guessed it the first day of that special.  Thankfully I have REALLY awesome customers/friends/helpers who happened to be in the car when I got the phone call.  They both told me to keep the appointment and they would man the store along with the other umpteen volunteers and my hubby and artists and that I should go to the appointment.  I hope all goes well both at the doctors and in the shop.  I really have no idea what I am in for.

 The yarn store is all gussied up for the Rose City Yarn Crawl event-Here are a few photos.

The front wall-We call it the wall of shawls. On the right is the wall of hats.
That back room-this is where the trunk shows are set up/partially set up for tomorrow-Sun.

Update on the training stuff:  I am getting stronger the first couple of weeks were painful..i could barely walk.  Now I am a little sore the day of my training session but the next day I am fine again.  We worked on my back today.  Apparently I have decently strong legs and arms and abdomon but my back is really weak.  Perhaps this is from all of those months where I spent most of my evenings in bed last year? Again back to the hands-as that is my barometer of health.  They still ache.  I have been going to a massage therapist who seems to make a difference.  They are not nearly as much of a problem unless i try to open bottles/jars.  and comb my hair when it is wet.  I can again pinch my laptop and put it down on the floor :)  My rings fit off an on now too.

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So frustrating for you. The shop looks great.

Beth Ann said...

Love the shop!